Karma Recruiting – A New Way to Build Your Candidate Pipeline


Being a recruiter puts you in a position of power. You have contacts and connections. You know the industry, what separates great resumes from bad ones, and what it takes to nail an interview.

So why not share that knowledge with people who need your help?

I’ve been recruiting for many years. I’ve had everyone from friends and interns, to strangers and even random people from LinkedIn approach me for help. Whether they’re looking for resume tips, career advice, or a connection at a company where I may have contacts, I always do what I can do help.

I call this “karma recruiting.”

The idea isn’t to make a quick buck. It’s to help because I want to. Whether they’re a stranger or a friend, I do what I can because I’d want them to do the same for me if they were in my shoes.

Sometimes your help lands someone the position of their dreams. A lot of times it won’t. But that’s beside the point. Simply making an effort – when you didn’t have to – gives them something to remember you by.

The people I help, remember me years down the line. When I need to get in touch, they pick up the phone or email back right away. Do this whenever you get the chance, and you’ll build up a network of people. I call it my “karma pipeline.”

There are always small ways to help. For one, treat every candidate with the utmost respect. Give them the best candidate experience possible – even if the interview doesn’t work out. If you can’t hire them, perhaps you could try to help them find a job at one of your competitors or give them a few names of people to follow up with. Perhaps a tip on their resume or Linkedin profile.

Once you’ve helped someone, ask them to keep in touch. Those candidates might not be qualified now, but in a few years, they might be the rockstar you pull out of Google with the exact skill set you’re looking for.

We all know how overwhelming a job search can feel. If you can show people a small act of kindness – something that takes only minimal effort – they’ll appreciate it and remember you for years to come.

The people you help now will be the very people you’ll rely on in the future. So now’s the time to start sewing seeds. You’ll build an invaluable pipeline of candidates whose skills and experience you can tap into when you need them the most.

What are some of the small ways you’ve helped out others advance their careers? We’d love to hear from you.



Jonathan Samuels

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